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Scott Painting

Scott Yukio Fergus

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n subject matter, Scott's art ranges from cartoons, portraits and architecture to abstract designs. But it is his use of color that draws the viewers' attention to his pieces. His vibrant portrayal of people, animals and his whimsical interpretation of architectural designs bring smiles to viewers. His unique perspective may be attributable to his being on the autism spectrum disorder. Beyond his art, his interests remain fairly typical for a young adult male - nice cars, graphic novels, animals and movies.

A Little History: Scott was diagnosed to be on the Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 3.5 years old. He spent a lot of time during his preschool years drawing stick figures. He still draws cartoon like figures today, but he has expanded his drawings with much love especially for animals as his subject matter.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Scott recently received Second Place Award at the Mid-Michigan Art Guild All Member Show.

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